We are an alliance of six Finnish companies, Abloy, Isku, Korpinen, Lojer, Oras and Teknos. Our mission is to market antimicrobial products and solutions all around the world. Together we have over 400 years of experience making both functional and good-looking solutions for shared places and environments. Our main products are medical furniture, sanitaryware, door handles and public space’s furnishing.

Hygtech Alliance’s story started on 2015, when Satakunta University of Applied Sciences had a research project about business activities of hygienic solutions financed by Tukes (Safety and Chemical Agency of Finland). One of the most relevant goals was to create general instructions for indoor hygiene solutions for new buildings. Part of the research project was the living lab-environment, where the effects of hygiene solutions for real life could have discovered effectively.

Indoor hygiene and health became a new branch, which needed marketing and visibility. On Isku Interior’s initiative, Hygtech Alliance was created with other member companies. Nowadays our innovative solutions for everyday life are used by millions of people around the world. We all hail from Finland, one of the safest countries on earth and a land of innovative technology. That is why we are ready to face and solve the global hygienic challenges, like daily life environments and worldwide pandemics.


ISKU: Antimicrobial Furniture

Isku is a Finnish family business founded in 1928 in Lahti. Isku designs, manufactures and markets furniture and holistic interior design solutions for homes, schools, offices, health care and all public spaces. In addition to a chain of stores covering all of Finland, Isku operates in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries, Poland, Russia and the Middle East.

Isku’s own furniture factories are located in Lahti. Isku complies with the ISO 9001 quality system, and actively develops ecological production: Isku was the first in the industry to be awarded the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, and today, its entire production is PEFC certified, meaning that the origins of all wood used by Isku is known and that the wood has been produced according to the principles of sustainable development.


ORAS: Touchless, advanced sanitary fittings

Oras Group is a significant European provider of sanitary fittings: the market leader in the Nordics and a leading company in Continental Europe. The company’s mission is to make the use of water easy and sustainable and its vision is to become the European leader of advanced sanitary fittings. The Group has two strong brands, Oras and Hansa. Oras Group is owned by Oras Invest, a family company and an industrial owner.

The head office of the Group is located in Rauma, Finland, and the Group has three manufacturing sites: Kralovice (Czech Republic), Olesno (Poland) and Rauma (Finland). The Group operates with own staff in 20 markets. Oras Group net sales were 225 million euro in 2019 and at the end of the period the company employed 1386 people.


KORPINEN: Antimicrobial bathroom furnishings

Korpinen is over 80 years old Finnish company that is specialized in designing and marketing accessible bathrooms, bathroom furniture and aids. Safe and functional Gaius bathrooms support independent living and ergonomic solutions reduce the workload of assistants.
The demands of high hygiene are taken into account in Korpinen’s furniture and other products. Microbe-eliminating surfaces prevent the spreading of infections through furniture. Durable and microbe-eliminating coating improves both safety and cleanability and reduces the environmental impact. Washbasins, handrails and elastomer coated support rails form a safe and hygienic product line.


ABLOY: Antimicrobial architectural hardware

Abloy Oy is part of world leading door opening solution supplier ASSA ABLOY. ABLOY protects people, property, and business operations on land, at sea, and in the air – in all circumstances. Solutions created for users’ individual needs extend from locking of homes to sites of operations.

Abloy has developed ABLOY ACTIVE technology which is available for door environment products such as door handles and pulls, panic bars and cylinder housings. ACTIVE is powder coated hygienic surface which destroys 99% of all harmful bacteria. ACTIVE is easy and efficient way to improve hygiene safety and reduce customers’ operational costs.


TEKNOS: Antimicrobial coatings

Teknos was established in 1948 and is one of Finland’s largest family-owned businesses. It is headed by CEO Paula Salastie, who currently represents the third generation of the Kiikka family. Industry-driven product quality, uncontested heritage, and committed people have helped us to grow from a small henhouse in Tuomarila, Espoo into a global coatings company with operations in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA, employing approximately 1,700 people globally.

We are on our mission to make the world last longer by providing smart, sustainable coating solutions to protect and prolong.


LOJER GROUP: medical furniture

Lojer Group is the leading Finnish manufacturer of hospital and healthcare equipment and the largest Finnish employer in its sector. Lojer offers unique, innovative Finnish product expertise, according to the highest standards of quality.

We are committed to giving healthcare professionals easy access to sustainable medical equipment and tools for effective patient care and treatment, right now and continuing into the future. Antimicrobial solutions and new materials will improve the safety for both the healthcare professionals and patients, when there’s less infections and contaminations in hospitals. Further information visit:


Antimicrobial surfaces work like a 24/7 cleaner, actively and tirelessly preventing the bacteria from spreading. They are, however, only one part of the solution. Complete cleanliness can be achieved by following these three steps:


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