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Case: Coxa – Hospital for Joint replacement
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Hospital hallway
Case: Apila Occupational Healthcare
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Healthcare reception room
Case: New Children’s Hospital
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Children's hospital


We help reduce the number of touch-based infections by half. This brings significant savings to health care related costs and improves the return on investment of the solution.


We make planning and designing antimicrobial shared places and environments easy with our holistic concept that includes good looking solutions to all key touch surfaces.


Holistic line of defence is based on silver’s or copper’s inherent antimicrobial activity or touch-free technology.

We are ready to face and solve the global hygienic challenges

60 %

Less infections in hospitals

New materials and solutions can reduce the number of infections in hospitals by up to 60 %*, which translates into savings of 4 billion € in Europe.

80 %

Less contaminations

Antimicrobial copper has been tested in clinical trials around the world. Studies show 80 % less contamination on copper surfaces than noncopper equivalents.

99 %

Bacteria elimination

Antimicrobial copper is the most effective touch surface material in the fight against pathogenic microbes, killing greater than 99.9 % of bacteria within two hours of exposure. No other material comes close.

* Results from a US clinical trial, funded by the Department of Defense, observed a 58 % reduction in intensive care unit patients’ risk of acquiring a healthcare associated infection when just key touch surfaces in their rooms were replaced with antimicrobial copper items.

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3 steps of cleanliness

Antimicrobial surfaces work like a 24/7 cleaner, actively and tirelessly preventing the bacteria from spreading. They are, however, only one part of the solution. Complete cleanliness can be achieved by following these three steps:

Washing hands
Regular cleaning
Antimicrobial surfaces

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