Antimicrobial coatings and construction

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and Turku University School of Economics together with their wide business network have been doing research in improving solutions for indoor hygiene since 2012.

“In 2015 we started HygLi project, which was set up to create instructions for indoor hygiene planning in the beginning of building’s life cycle. In practice, the instructions were published in Building Information Cards, in cooperation with Building Information Foundation RTS sr”, says Dr. Riika Mäkinen from the University of Applied Sciences, Nordic Water and Materials Institute. She has and has been involved in the project since inception which encompasses space design, cleaning, ventilation and their impact on hygiene

“In this project we were also creating living lab environments, like school and day care, where the effect of hygiene solutions for real life can be researched effectively”, adds Mäkinen

The combination of indoor hygiene and health has created a new market globally. That needed marketing and publicity. Started by Isku Interior Oy, group of Finnish companies (Abloy Oy, Väinö Korpinen Oy, Lojer Oy, Oras Oy ja Teknos Oy) formed a partnership with a branch name HygTech Alliance. All these companies are specialised in hygiene solutions and production of antimicrobial products.