We are ready to face and solve the global hygienic challenges

Hospital hallway

We are an alliance of six Finnish companies, Abloy, Isku, Korpinen, Lojer, Oras and Teknos.

Our mission is to market antimicrobial products and solutions all around the world. Together we have over 400 years of experience making both functional and good-looking solutions for shared places and environments. Our main products are medical furniture, sanitaryware, door handles and public space’s furnishing.

Hygtech Alliance’s story started on 2015, when Satakunta University of Applied Sciences had a research project about business activities of hygienic solutions financed by Tukes (Safety and Chemical Agency of Finland). One of the most relevant goals was to create general instructions for indoor hygiene solutions for new buildings. Part of the research project was the living lab-environment, where the effects of hygiene solutions for real life could have discovered effectively.

Indoor hygiene and health became a new branch, which needed marketing and visibility. On Isku Interior’s initiative, Hygtech Alliance was created with other member companies. Nowadays our innovative solutions for everyday life are used by millions of people around the world. We all hail from Finland, one of the safest countries on earth and a land of innovative technology.

That is why we are ready to face and solve the global hygienic challenges, like daily life environments and worldwide pandemics.

3 steps of cleanliness

Antimicrobial surfaces work like a 24/7 cleaner, actively and tirelessly preventing the bacteria from spreading. They are, however, only one part of the solution. Complete cleanliness can be achieved by following these three steps:

Washing hands
Regular cleaning
Antimicrobial surfaces

Brands for individual antimicrobial products and solutions