ABLOY® ACTIVE – open the door more hygienically

The surfaces of the doors are conducive to the spread of harmful microbes through contact. Designed for door fittings, the ABLOY® ACTIVE solution effectively destroys bacterial pathogens thanks to the silver it contains. The ACTIVE solution is ideal for both home and public door environments.

ACTIVE standard on all painted fittings

Abloy’s painted fittings always have an ABLOY® ACTIVE feature. The standard colors of the painted fittings are white, aluminum gray, black and Graphite. Other colors are available on special order. In addition to a hygienic space, the wide range of colors allows for an aesthetically pleasing door environment.

Increase durability

The ABLOY® ACTIVE product family has been expanded with clear lacquer, which is available as standard in polished and brushed brass products. The new varnish has been developed to withstand even harsher use.

Säästä kustannuksissa, sijoita hyvinvointiin

The ABLOY® ACTIVE solution is an effective and easy way to improve hygiene safety both at home and in busy door environments such as schools, hospitals and offices. Reducing infections reduces sick leave, health care costs, and hospital stays.