Korpinen – Accessible bathroom furniture for all but microbes

Korpinen’s hygienic products prevent the growth of microbes on the surfaces and reduce the risk of spreading them through bathroom furniture.

The antimicrobial feature prevents infections

The accessible bathroom has many different gripping surfaces that are designed to secure and facilitate movement and work. Through contact, microbes accumulate on the surfaces of the furniture, causing infections that are harmful to health and easily spread from place to place with people. Korpinen’s hygienic products can prevent the spread of microbes on the surfaces of bathroom furniture.

Selected Korpinen furniture has an antimicrobial property that reduces infections. Antimicrobialism is due to silver. Silver is a proven effective and inherently antimicrobial agent that is completely safe when used externally.

Hygienic safety and functionality

The Gaius bathroom unit is composed of premium furnishings and equipment, organised to ensure optimum usability. All details, from lighting and colouring to materials and design, promote user independence and reduce the assistants’ workload.

Proven antimicrobial efficacy

The antimicrobial property in all furniture promotes hygiene safety and prevents the spread of microbes, as well as reduces the risk of infection. Our products have been tested and antimicrobial surfaces have been studied to destroy almost 99.9% of harmful microbes.