Lojer – Antimicrobial medical furniture

We provide healthcare professionals with durable medical equipment and tools to ensure effective patient care and care. Antimicrobial solutions and new materials improve the safety of both healthcare professionals and patients with fewer infections and contaminations in hospitals.

Touch-free adjustment

The height adjustment of treatment tables and medical examination tables, for example, functions without manual control with either a 360° foot bar or a hands-free foot adjustment bar. With examination tables, both the table height and the back section are adjusted with the two-piece hands-free foot control. These solutions are designed to minimize manual adjustments, thereby ensuring uninterrupted care and maximum efficiency. No extra time is lost to changing gloves or disinfecting hands, for example. Furthermore, from a safety viewpoint, there are no additional wires on the floor, and the table can be easily controlled from both sides.

Antimicrobial upholstery

The material features cutting-edge coating technology that remains on the surface and does not wear out even when cleaned. At the same time it prevents the growth of bacteria (which causes smells and stains), prolonging the service life of the upholstered parts.

Antimicrobial powder coating

Critical frame structures and metal parts are coated with Teknos antimicrobial powder coating, which is wear and corrosion resistant. The coating contains silver phosphate glass, which is based on technology developed by BioCote, the leading research and development company in antimicrobial technology. Silver is added to the paint or the varnish, which guarantees performance throughout the product’s lifetime. Cleanability, design and choice of materials are considered in the design phase of Lojer products, and together with antimicrobial coating, they provide altogether more hygienic surfaces.