Hygienic powder coatings for contact surfaces

We offer a wide range of coating solutions for the hygiene management of public spaces such as hospitals, schools, offices and meeting rooms. Our hygiene management products are available in almost endless colors, so public spaces can be designed to be colorful, inspiring and hygienic.

Applications of hygienic coatings

Many infectious diseases are transmitted through the contact surfaces of public spaces. Coatings with antimicrobial properties reduce microbial growth on contact surfaces, making them particularly suitable for environments with high hygiene standards. Hygienic coatings can be used on, for example, door handles, armrests, handrails, taps, vents, furniture, and walls, all of which act as a pathway for microbial transmission.

Silver phosphate glass from BioCote®

Silver phosphate glass based on BioCote® technology is the antimicrobial additive in Teknos products. The antimicrobial functionality of BioCote technology makes the paint surface hygienic and proven to protect against several microbial species, such as bacteria and mold.

Hygiene management and space planning

Managing hygiene and taking it into account in construction and space planning is important. In the premises, the hygienic coating looks good and meets high standards of quality and appearance.

The antimicrobial property of the surfaces is constantly active; it keeps the surfaces actively clean between cleanings. However, antimicrobial surfaces must be cleaned regularly for the additive in the coating to work properly. Surfaces must not be waxed or otherwise coated, as this would prevent the additive from coming into contact with microbes.